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Shingle, Tile and Metal Roof Options

Sloped roofs primarily have three options to choose from. Shingle being the least expensive, tile and metal being most comparable. There are also options and upgrades available within those three choices. But metal by far has the most choices to be made. The choices need to be based on design/ appearance, strength and longevity.

There are multiple manufactures producing multiple styles with multiple up lift pressures and finally two ways that it is mechanically installed.

Lets start with the mechanical installation being either an exposed fastener or concealed fastener system. This is a very important question to ask and know. The exposed fasteners have proven to fail way before the panel itself. These systems tend to be of galvanized metal and not aluminum making them susceptible to corrosion. But more importantly the exposed screw/fastener comes with a rubber ring that it designed to seal the screw as it is set to the metal. That rubber casket just doesn’t do well in our many hot days and dries out, cracks and eventually splits causing leaks. This system is usually called 5 V crimp and is the least expensive of them all. Also some systems that are designed to look like tile can use exposed fasteners.

So this leaves us with what we call a concealed fastener system. Meaning the screws are installed below or covered by the panel itself. When installed this way it allows the screw to basically secure the panel but not be part of the waterproofing because the panel will actually do this.

Without getting into every possible scenario I’ll finish up with the difference between mechanically seamed panel vs a snap-lock system. The mechanically seamed will provide the higher wind up lift pressure thus providing more protection during our high wind related incidences. But if you have a flat roof attached to the slope area you must consider the snap-lock for its ease in being opened when the flat roof needs to be replaced. Everyone knows that flat roofs don’t last as long unless you have a tapered insulation system installed and even then it will not last as long as the aluminum panels. The snap-lock allows the panels to be removed without being damaged and the panel will need to be removed if the flat roof meets the sloped directly.

One other disadvantage to the mechanically seamed is when it is actually seamed it creates a tighter fit. If your roof has any discrepancies in the decking it will show in some cases. The snap-lock systems allows for less tension. The appearance of your metal roof will definitely depend on your wood deck that it is installed to. Older homes have older wood decks that may have become con caved over the years but some homes settle more then others and this should be considered when thinking about a metal roof. Also when considering a metal roof you want to certified metal roof installer, not everyone has the know- hows when it comes to installing metal roofing.  All in all Metal roofs has one of the highest uplift pressures and longevity in today’s roofs systems and is a great roofing option for Florida weather.

Johna Cray
Regional Director, Rhino Roofs

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