did you know that the tile doesn’t really water proof your building?


Going to chat about Tile roofing since its so prevalent in our area:


Did you know that the tile doesn’t really water proof your building? Its basically there to look pretty, insulate and protect the actual waterproofing (the rolled roofing or membrane) from the suns damaging effects. There’s a love hate relationship with tile roofing for some due to the maintenance required. Old school has led most to pressure clean when dirty. But what you don’t realize is when you pressure clean you are removing the clear coat sealer the manufactures applies. By removing this you are opening the pours of the concrete allowing dirt and mold spores in. And then you’ll find yourself needing this cleaning every year. For those that have already done this its most likely too late for what I’m proposing unless its a relatively new roof and the clear coat hasn’t been removed too long ago.

I simply tell my new tile roof clients DON’T pressure clean until you’re prepared to immediately reseal it. Mostly likely you won’t need to even worry about it for the first 5 or 6 years due to the clear coat doing its job. But just like the clear coat on a car it breaks down over time and the viscosity will increase causing dirt to stick rather then allowing the rain to wash it away. But you still shouldn’t need to reseal just yet but then again you really don’t want to strip the clear coat off either. The solution these days is to have it foamed cleaned. They use cleaners that are not harmful to your plants and animals and they can do it without walking on the roof (which very often breaks tile). Most offer a two year guarantee on the mold coming back.

Its important to know when the clear coat is just past its useful life where you will at that point pressure clean it to prep for a resealing of the tile. I tell my clients you’ll know when it keeps getting dirty too often. Remember the dirt will start to stick as the clear coat breaks down.

So the moral of this story is you really should prevent people from walking on a  tile roof. You need to reseal your tile to keep it acting new and looking fresh. You shouldn’t pressure clean until you will be immediately resealing it and there is a new way and product available to keep your tile roof clean and looking new.

Johna Cray

Regional Director, Rhino Roofs


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